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Discount Recognition
We are an online Android and Web based platform to book rest rooms i.e. hotel, guest houses in packs of 3h, 6h, 12h or 24hours i.e. for shorter stays.
Karma is on your side. Be Active. Be Rewarded
When everything around you is getting smarter, why not your car! This futuristic plug-n-play device lets you monitor your car's and your driving performance which helps you save up
Meeting Box
Supercharge your meeting rooms.
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Fulby is a mobile app that finds missing players for football matches when there are drop-outs or shortfalls.
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An online platform to create trendy wedding website with different designs, manage guests lists, send invites for different events and manage RSVPs.
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Our services gives companies an insight into one of their biggest and often overlooked, measures of success, the company phone system. PBXDOM provides a platform that lets you loo
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Don't print your cards - Impress your contacts.
Let a Superhero manage your Facebook. The first and only App that lets you schedule everything, including Photo Albums, Videos and Offers.
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Your Medium, Facebook Notes, Linkedin Pulse, Emailed.
A solution for central e-mail signature management for Google Apps. Unleash marketing potential of signatures and keep the branding of your company consistent.
Worm App
Change the way you shoot, share and discover incredible slow motion clips with Worm.